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Mike Allen  - C.E.O. of Mike Allen Sports/Former pro-basketball player -
I frist came to Dr. Koike not realizing what his practice was all about. I heard numerous stories from a parent of a child in my programs and always said that it doesn't sound right and how can that help me. Until I had an injury to my hamstring which spread down to my calf muscle. Instead of going to your typical doctor to get treated and get pills that will take way the pain. I went to give this doctor where so many were talking about with Dr.Koike.
Since going to Dr.Koike and getting what I can say is the best treatment anyone can ever have. It is hard to explain but what I do know is that Dr. Koike and his practice with natural medicine and treatment got me back to a speedier recovery and out training, working with kids and adults.

Ken G.

Like they say, Dr. Koike is "As good as it gets!"

I have been seeing Dr. Koike for almost two years now, and he has helped me so much. He is very methodical and thorough. He finds the root of the problem first, then performs a complete adjustment that makes me feel like a new person when he is finished.

For years I have suffered with old injuries that got better but never really went away. After Dr. Koike examined me, he found that other parts of my body were compensating for the injury. Other chiropractors worked on the area where I was injured, but didn't address the other parts of my body that were involved. When Dr. Koike released all of the parts of my body that were "stuck", it made a HUGE difference. Now those old injuries almost never bother me anymore.

I highly recommend Dr. Koike to others who have painful neck, back, hip or other skeletal problems. You have tried the rest -- now try the best: Dr. Koike!

Mary T.  from Google

My husband and I believe that Dr. Koike is one of the few top chiropractors in the Silicon Valley and we have seen many over the years.  We met Dr. Koike when he worked & trained with another Doctor. We were both impressed with his skills and compassion.

Dr Koike is not the run of the mill (crack ya and go) type of Chiropractor instead he gets to the root of the problems and the results are amazing and they last.  The reason he is such an excellent practitioner is because of the extensive training and the gift of being able to determine where you hurt before you even tell him.  Dr. Koike is extremely thorough in his treatments. 

We have seen him for the following and we have had lasting results and the pain is gone:

  -shoulders stiff from to much mousing!
  -low back pain
  -upper back pain
  -painful stiff neck 
  -messed up knee (partially dislocated from a fall)
  -arm pain from a fall
  -hip pain
  -jaw pain 
  -pain under the shoulder blades
  -sprained ankle

He recommends exercises that we can do at home to continue to improve but he makes it our choice. 

Unlike many Chiropractors he will find way to see you when have an emergency because he cares about his patients. 

We are active people and Dr. Koike treatments help keep us going pain free.


To whom it may concern

For over 20 years I have been suffering from lower back pain. I tried many forms of treatment and found that acupuncture was able to reduce to pain dramatically but not to take it away completely. As a result, I conditioned myself to loving with chronic pain which obviously lowered my quality of life.

During my first visit to Dr. Koike he found a number of imbalances in my body ad treated them painlessly. After only 2 treatments my chronic back ache is completely gone and I am enjoying life without pain - a great experience after suffering for so many years.


Nicole G.

I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Dr. Teru understands how the body works so well that he can get most aches and pains to go away in the first treatement. His treatments are always gentle and pain free.

Dr. Teru is a very gifted man who takes time to heal every patient,,,so don't be surprised if he asks many questions to get to know you better and how to best help you.

I've never been rushed. he has a way to make me feel so relaxed and re-energized when I've been beating up my body with sports, bad posture and has even helped me recover from pneumonia faster by his stress relieving treatments.

I took my 11 yr old son to him after a basketball injury and not only is he great with kids, he followed up to make sure that he was stretching properly to prevent future injuries.

5 Stats-BEST chiropractic EVER!  

Andrea G.

I can't even begin to explain what a wonderful practitioner I have found in Dr. Koike. I have been a patient for 3 years and he has helped me through some extremely strange injuries that others seemed puzzled on how to not just treat, but fix!

I am a very athletics  active and often clumsy person so I often walk in to his office with something different each time I see him. I love that when I leave his office, not only do I feel better, but that feeling lasts because he was able to find the root of the problem and help correct it. Dr. Koike is very inteligent but it's not just that, he is also very open minded and seems to love a challenge. I never feel like he thinks there is only one answer to a problem and that if it doesn't go away, it must be me. And trust me, I have felt that with other Chiropractors. I truly feel that he cares and has my best interest at heart and wants me to leave his office better than when I arrived.

Thank you, Dr. Koike for being my trusted source for care. You truly are amazing at what you do!  

Some examples of things he has treated me for: (get ready, it's long)

Neck/Disc inflammation and Pain
Sprained Rib
Ankle Injury
Knee Injury
Pubis Symphysis Diastasis
Low Back Pain
Mid Back Pain
Hip/Pelvic Pain
(just to name a few...)